What Liberty’s clients say:


“Liberty ILS has helped me to live by myself independently. They helped me when no one else would. I wouldn't have anybody if I didn't have them. I like going to the activities like bowling, playing pool, movies, and miniature golf."


- Dannie Gannon


“You guys support me with anything I want to do in my life and support me with anything I need help with and don't question me about it. My worker helps me with my bills, exercise and my confidence."


- Kathy Carey

Liberty provides the highest quality of service through. . .


Individual Service Plan containing:


• Current Performance

• Skills area

• Program Plan

• Goals

• Objectives


Semi-Annual Reports containing:


• Housing Updates

• Medical Status Updates

• Client Progress Reports

• Future Goals


Program Curriculum:


• Personal Safety

• Self Advocacy

• Menu Planning

• Cooking

• Shopping

• Budgeting

• Household Maintenance

• Organizational Skills

• Scheduling

• Relocation

• Health and Hygiene

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